My Photos from the Philadelphia Flower Show

I took some pictures at the Philadelphia Flower Show, mostly of orchids. I have one in sitting in the window next to me which is about to bloom any day now.


Beer Store on a Beautiful Day

Trips to the homebrew supply store are:
"always a pleasurue, never a chore"
words spoken by George, purveyor of Home Sweet Homebrew, about serving us in his store. Its great to know that he feels the same way about the experience as we do.

We got 10lbs of Caramunich malt and established that it is fact acceptable to stick your nose "all up in the hops" before deciding on your purchase.

Yards Brewing Company - Philadelphia

I went to Yards Brewery in the Kensignton section of North Philadelphia. That place is shiznite. They give you a tour and then let you chill out in this big room with couches, pool table and a jukebox. You have to bring you're own food but they provide all the beer for free. The people that own it and work there are great. I like several of of their beers very much including the IPA, and the whole Presidential line.


Firefox made $72M last year

Firefox raked in the loot, almost entirely from the google search in the upper right hand corner. If you click a sponsored (pay per click) link after searching in the ff search box ff gets paid. I think this could be useful/profitable for my current employer. I'm going to present it to the gals later (so they don't think I was digging on the job). Come to think of it, I have learned so much useful stuff from digg that the whole company should have required daily diggs. We would be much more plugged in and hip if that were the case

LAMP lights the way in open-source security | CNET News.com

I dont usually geek out too hard here but i needed somewhere to put this for safe keeping. I created a LAMP presentation for a potential client a couple months back. I will post it here shortly. This is a major step for theses technologies, which have had the attention of the digirati for some time. Another brick out of the wall that is microsoft and over- priced, crappy software



I got paid today! I get montly paychecks so it's kind of a big deal. Im going to see the Disco Biscuits tonight with Jacob and his crew but i should see some CH and NB crew heads as well. Hopefully it will give me something more interesting to blog about than web developement.

Helping Rabbi Lewis Get 4%-5% cooler


Castles and Stone Flight Crafts Pt1

I had a most intense and bizzare dream last night. It started off inocently enough posing as a nostalgic Travel Camp throwback but then morphed into a paranoia filled trial, not in the legal sense though more of the trail and tribulation sense.

Keiffer Sutherland, (who Ill be watching in 24 tonight) was the director of some sort of teanage camp. He starts of with "We are so happy to see all of you" and then ominously "And those of you who don't belong will be weeded out soon." My group has to put on some kind of play and I end up with the lead role. Before the dress rehearsal LK, a friend and connection from the past hooks me up with some acid on really cool checkored blotter. It doesnt seem to have any effect though.

The next day before the show i try to find her again but can't. I am confused and frustrated by this and take my frustations out a little on the girl behind the snack counter. Next thing I know I'm home but it's some sort of vacation home, but its not really a home at all, its a castle and I know my mom is there and i talk to her but i dont see her. She tells me there is a message for me which i listen to. Its from an older gentleman and hes telling me that i cant perform in the play or come back to camp or something and hes really upset about it not an agry upset more of a sad upset.

I decide to look into this some more and try to call Kiefer to discuss it with him. I go into the basement and there are 2 large clocks with girls names on them. I then go outside on some kind of balcony and realize that the camp has come to me. There are kids running all around an enourmous green lawn and below me a mess of bushes with tons of bright red berries. Someone leads me down to the lawn where a girl is running extremely rapidly at me. She passes me and I chase her but she dissapreas into a hidden door in the castle. Inside this door is thin curving staircase.

Someone distracts me from exploring the secret passageways. to be continued tomorrow


free flowing electrofusion vomitous

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Freedom and Privacy

I am much more concerned about loss of freedom than than loss of privacy. If we live a truly free society than all of my actions can be known without it having a negative effect on me. One right I do not believe a person possesses is the right to harm a fellow person and I think that institutions governmental or otherwise should take steps to prevent this. One such step could be searching people for weapons before entering a public place. Fortunately for me, one right I do believe a person possess is the right to do whatever he pleases to his own body. Ensuring the former without preventing the latter becomes very complicated. Unfortunately, our government does not agree with me about the latter human right which results in laws which make suicide and certain drugs illegal. If the government wants to make our lives more transparent, like being aware of our whereabouts, purchases, information consumption, etc. in an attempt to prevent us from committing harm against each other, I am ok with that. But when these attempts are extrapolated to prevent a thing like the consumption of psychedelic substances...